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Welcome to our Public Tennis section.

Many of us who grew up in a town or city in America lived within biking or driving distance of a public tennis court.

For those of us who practiced, persevered, and learned the game, the courts became our favorite destination. For some of us, it became our sport of choice, and it was where our social life revolved. I grew up in a big city, and in the 1950's I would ride my bicycle to the tennis courts at the city park. It didn't take me too long to be hooked.

Today, in downtown Venice, the bicycle rack fills up fast, as players from all over pedal to their favorite destination. It's true that a lot of us are older now, but that only means we have a lot more memories and experiences to share. You will see, on any given day, that people come for more than just tennis. Today, Herkscher Park essentially functions as the old fashioned town square. Whether it's politics, world events, joke telling, sports, or just catching up on the happenings of Venice, there's always a lot more going on than just tennis.

We have player perspectives about life at the public courts from decades ago to the present time. In the weeks ahead, we plan to share what we have and share just what downtown Venice tennis means to so many visitors to Venice.