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The routine includes all hip rotations as well as lower back movements. Clearly, this routine is working. During his 8th anniversary check-up, after X-rays and tests, the doctor reported that the socket had "zero erosion". Furthermore, his other hip (that was presumed to need replacement within a year of the first) was better than expected, and is still functioning today, over nine years later.

Regrets? Bill laments... "I made the mistake by waiting two long... it took me six months to be back to normal." He explained that his hip flexors and extenders were not used enough the year before surgery and were not ready for the range of motion and the full stride steps available after the operation. In recovery he was pulling smaller muscles in his legs as they were accustomed to his bent over position, and those muscles needed extra time to adjust.

In any case you wouldn't know by looking at his performance that Bill has had several shoulder surgeries as well as his full hip replacement. As far as pain medications, Bill's doctor prescribes "Celebrex" and he takes one a day, everyday, and if that day includes a big match, he will take two.

So remarkable is his range of motion, that people not knowing his history have a hard time believing anyone could be that agile after a full hip replacement. In case you haven't seen Bill play, included in this web article are several videos taken taken about a year ago around the time of my interview. This is standard video (30 fps) that has not been time altered, speeded up or otherwise changed.

Bill's advice to those in serious hip pain "Don't let it go too long and don't let it ruin your lifestyle."

Check out the Video Footage: Click Here

Update from Bill: "This Spring (2011) I had both hips done. A new left hip and a redo on the right. I am now back to 100% after being operated on March 2nd and April 25th. Dr Stolarski is the surgeon that all of our players should see if they need help with either hips or knees. He is the best"... " The original hip was so well done by Dr. Mihelic that the only part that needed to be replaced was the liner of the cup. The old cup had eroded and shavings were causing my body to try and dissolve the shavings but instead was eating my bone in the pelvis. The fix for this was a bone graft which worked 100%".

byline: Greg Engelhardt

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